Weeks Nine through Twelve

Ninth Through Twelfth Week of Awesome Inc Bootcamp
April 22 - May 19, 2019

Local Jam

My final project is called Local Jam. Working on it has been a long, rough journey with peaks and valleys that culminated in a product I am very proud of. I have a much better understanding of CRUD (create read update destroy) with regards to Laravel and Vue components. One moment I am proud of is when I implemented a Vue component to pass multiple ids on click to route to the table controller and update the associated bridge table in my database.

This project stretched my imagination and I learned to test my theories to see what is possible. One example of this is when I wrote inline PHP that threads through html. I used PHP to compare table values and html to display them. I was forced to think outside the box and was rewarded for doing so.

My logic skills were put to the test when I created my search page to create multiple arrays of objects from different tables, loop through those arrays and compare object values, use object values from one table to access and compare values from another, and finally to display the correct values on the page. I am very proud of this.

As a programmer, I have grown a great deal through designing and implementing Local Jam. My knowledge of and appreciation for Vue and Laravel has grown immensely, and I have a much better intrinsic understanding of the MVC (model view controller) relationship. It is very rewarding to see a project through from inception to execution to demonstration.

Week Eight

Eighth Week of Awesome Inc Bootcamp
April 15 - April 21, 2019


This week I re-factored my to-do app into Laravel and Vue, using axios post and get calls and MySQL to handle database management. I enjoy working with back-end more so than front-end, as I love working with data. Looking forward to starting work on my final project.

Week Seven

Seventh Week of Awesome Inc Bootcamp
April 8 - April 14, 2019


My understanding of Vue and Laravel has grown in this past week. I have a much clearer picture of Vue components and their functionality and how data is passed through components. Also I implemented axios as a replacement for fetch in my API call in the restaurant project.

Week Six

Sixth Week of Awesome Inc Bootcamp
April 1 - April 7, 2019


PHP is very similar to JavaScript save for a few key differences. Dealing with scope and arrays are the two biggest differences I've noticed thus far. Also PHP has out-of-the-box functionality that js does not. I have noticed the implementation of the clock app specifically can be reduced to almost a single line of code in PHP whereas in JavaScript the code is much more verbose.

Week Five

Fifth Week of Awesome Inc Bootcamp
March 25 - March 31, 2019


We finished our group project this week. I am feeling more confident in my skills with each passing week. Vue is a powerful tool and I see how useful it is for certain types of implementation.

The hardest part about working in a group is communication. Half of all time spent on our project involved ensuring everyone was committing, pushing, and pulling at the correct times.

Week Four

Fourth Week of Awesome Inc Bootcamp
March 18 - March 24, 2019


Vue is ideal for any website that requires information to be passed and processed dynamically and reactively.

I would like to play more with the JS data structure known as a "set".

Week Three

Third Week of Awesome Inc Bootcamp
March 11 - March 17, 2019


Final project ideas...

Social networking site for musicians. Site makes it easy to find other musicians in your area to play with.
Profile creation
...upload footage of music performance (30-90 seconds)
...profile picture upload
...dates available (calendar?)
...rehearsal space
...rate your ear
...fun or paid gigs or both
...improvise or read music or both
...type of music
view other profiles
messaging/email(?) capability
rate other musicians(?)

A Night on the Town app
help people decide what to do based on events happening in their area
once certain parameters are chosen, use APIs to tell user what is going on in their town that night and give suggestions

American pop culture timeline 1950-2000
watershed moments
highly responsive
...actual line you can pinch zoom to different years, months, days in each category
...crossover events supported i.e. West Side story falls under dance and music and movies

Week Two

Second Week of Awesome Inc Bootcamp
March 4 - March 10, 2019


One thing that programmers hate is trying to figure out why code isn't working the way it seems like it should be.

My navbar is a JavaScript object.

HTML is a markup language. It is like painting a picture where the canvas is the webpage. CSS helps standarize the aesthetic across multiple canvases (webpages) and javascript implements functionality.

Week One

First Week of Awesome Inc Bootcamp
February 25 - March 3, 2019


My first week of coding bootcamp went well. The combination of various emotions has resulted in a net positive and I am excited to continue my educational journey. As expected, the small class setting has undoubtedly saved countless hours of frustration as I can ask a neighbor or instructor for guidance when I get stuck instead of Googling for hours to fix a bug that should have taken minutes. The atmosphere is conducive to learning and everyone has been helpful and encouraging.

This week I would like to get better at truly understanding every line of code I write as I write it. This past week I hurriedly threw many snippets of code into my project without fully understanding their functionality. In the future I would like to take my time and understand the interconnectivity of every line of code in my project in order to mitigate issues like unintentional overwriting and unexpected behavior.

Great resource with lots of JavaScript exercises... www.freecodecamp.org

The number one thing that held me back this week is not enough Oreos and coffee.

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